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10 ways a website will get you noticed

By 12th February 2014 Features
Get Noticed
Creating a great website is key to running a successful business. The internet is nothing new, however things have evolved to the point that if your organisation doesn’t have a website, you’re almost certainly losing out .
So how can having a website help my bank balance? Here are our top 10 reasons why a website will supercharge your business.

Open 24-7

Lets face it, it’s easier for a customer to visit your website on their laptop or smartphone than to visit your place of work. Not only that, it’s more convenient too. Whether it’s 2am, New Years Eve or a relaxing Sunday afternoon, the internet never closes – which means your business doesn’t have to either. Without any extra effort on your part you can be telling the world just how amazing your company is and actively selling your products or services even when you’re sound asleep dreaming of that fancy holiday you’ve promised yourself from all your extra income.

It’s easier to find you

So you are the proud owner of “Joe’s Vintage Bike Store”. By simply having a website, someone can type “Vintage Bikes + Your Area” into a search engine and hey presto your business is right there! Gone are the days of relying on customers to hunt through phone books or hang on to the business cards you handed them last year. Its almost like word of mouth that never fails.

Huge reach

A website instantaneously makes your business accessible to a worldwide audience. Being online means you can not only sell to a more national customer base, you can cast your net much wider and capture customers from as far as Auckland to Alaska. Even if you run a local business which sells purely to local people, you can connect and network with like minded individuals around the globe to improve your own ideas and skills.

Look bigger, play bigger

Having a great looking professional website not only helps gain the trust of potential customers, it also helps you compete with larger businesses. When your website looks just as professional or even better than your competitors, it very quickly levels the playing field. Your site is also usually the first point of call for a new customer so you can make sure they get a great first impression and portray your business in the best possible light.

Sell online

These days people bank online, pay their bills online and yes you guessed it shop online too. Whether it’s products or services you’re selling, let people see exactly what you have to offer straight from your site. On top of that you can use the site to create buzz about a new product or service and even make sales before its released.

Offers / promotion

Everyone loves feeling special and you can use this to your advantage to generate more sales. Attract the attention of potential customers by highlighting a special offer or promoting related products on your website. Even if you can’t interact face-to-face, you still can still demonstrate good old-fashioned salesmanship.

Let customers look inside your business.

If you’ve ever walked down a street looking for a restaurant you’ll know that first impressions really do count. Does it LOOK like a nice place to eat? Does it LOOK like a friendly atmosphere? With your website it’s exactly the same. Giving your customers an insight into your business will not only put them at ease, if you’re conveying the right messages you’ll get more customers through the door.

Better customer service

When running a business your attention is constantly pulled in different directions so from time to time you won’t be available to answer your customers questions or requests. Use your website to answer common questions instantly and provide a contact form for visitors to submit requests. Better communication is a sure fire way to keep your customers coming back.

It’s cheaper!

You don’t need fancy premises to do business any more. A website is a great way to tell the world all about your business, and keep the pennies in your pocket.

The stat’s don’t lie

In 2011, over 84% of the UK population were using the internet. 8 out of 10 people is an awfully large number to ignore and the fact is that that number is growing on a daily, if not hourly basis! The truth is that the web has brought about a new way of doing business and anyone not embracing it will likely find themselves being left to one side. Take advantage of this huge marketing potential and use the tools available to you to give yourself a competitive advantage over anyone with a dated or non existent web presence.


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